Selling your home is a very important event in most people’s lives. Oftentimes a good portion of your net worth is tied up in the equity of your home.  It’s important to choose a team of experts like Aldon and the ADM Group that have over 20 years mortgage experience and 60 years family real estate brokerage business experience on their staff.  They’ll help you price your home competitively, price it correctly and market your home as only a real estate team with it’s own marketing director can.  

Don’t make the mistake of trying to sell your home on your own.  Decades of statistics say you’ll get 18% less, have to do all the work, and create significant liability for yourself.  Let Aldon and the ADM Group sell your house, do all the work, get you more money, and bring in the title and other experts that make sure your transactions is profitable and legally sound.